·         “Perfect lunch to compliment a perfect day of tennis. Would not have wished for a nicer hot dog!”

·         “Was here last year- here again!great idea- thanks very much!”

·         “Thank you so much for such lovely food- an OASIS at Wimbledon”

·         “Shalom from Mexico- the hot dogs were great!”

·         “I was absolutely starving, with no hope of getting anything to eat, then I saw the Chabad BBQ van. Great idea…thanks so much”

·         Thank you very much- one of the highlights of our day!wishing you every success”

·         “always a pleasure to eat with my friends from Chabad”

·         Who needs Federer, Nadall or Murray, when you’ve gt Kosher at Wimbledon- that burger made my day…

·         “An ace finish to a great Wimbledon day…”

·         “excellent service…next year in Jerusalem- but if we can’t- plan B= SW19!