Chabad provides a broad spectrum of educational classes, and one-to-one learning, from beginner to advanced level.

Classes include:

  • Weekly "Nosh n' Knowledge" at St. Georges University (SGUL)- Thursdays during term time; periodically at other campuses across South London
  • BMW- Beis Medrash Wimbledon- a partner based learning ("chavrusa") program- Monday nights @ Wimbledon Chabad House
  • Hebrew Reading Crash Course- weekly at the Chabad SLC centre- learn Hebrew in 6 weeks!
  • private one to one learning- available upon request

Topics include:

  • Weekly Parsha
  • Halacha- in depth (eg hilchos shabbos 253)
  • Tanya/ chasidut
  • contemporary issues

please contact Dovid for more details about any of the above, or to request an additional class